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Dr.László Haskó - Director of MedicineThe Sziget Sanatorium's healthcare objectives combine in the guiding
principles and the expectations of people who demand quality service.
The advanced state of modern medicine renders it is essential for each visit to the doctor to be supplemented at least annualy by safe, paintless and effective testing. Cancerous diseases can only be
succesfully treated  if diagnosed in the early stages. Complaints of the cardiovascular system and
metabolic problems id adequate care is provided. The principal aim of the Sziget Sanatorium is to
prevent such illneses.
In this last decade of the millenium, treathment can generally be carried out by means od medical
intervention of some kind, in many cases an operation. Today's patient expects intervention to take
place in an atmosphere conductive to rest and relaxation and stays in hospital, even if extremely
comfortable, to be brief. This has led to the worldwide success of one-day surgery, which is why
the Sziget Sanatorium gauges its professional development by treating as many illnesses as possible
with one-day interventions of the highest standard. Together with trained and experienced staff this
objective is achieved with the aid of state-of-the-art medical equipment.
The Sziget Sanatorium is in a position not only to provide this level of care but also personalized
service one would expect to find is any luxury hotel.

Sziget Sanatorium Foto