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Screening Tests
There are four types of screening tests performed: Sziget Sanatorium fotoSziget Active (Femina & Mennen):
The main aim of Sziget Active screening is to prevent malignant tumors, which unfortunately afflict
more and more young people every day or to diagnose them in the early, treatable stages.
These include leukemia and cancers of the cervix, breast, thyroid, lymph nodes, prostate and testicles.
Our examination methodds boast a 100 percent detection rate and cause neiter pain nor discomfort (X-rays are not used) Every precaution is taken to ensure that instruments that come into contact with
the test subject are used once only.
Factors that increase one's susceptibility to illnesses in later life are also examined. By measuring
cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid levels, we can help prevent the development of cardiac and
peripheral stenosis, diabetes and joint complaints caused by gout. Ultrasound is used to examine the bile
ducts and renal pelvis to prevent calculous cramps and inflammation from causing sudden incapacitation.
Sziget Sanatorium fotoSziget Comfort screening:
Following a conventional clinical examination, a chest X-ray and electrocardiogram (ECG) are taken.
Ulrasound is used to from a picture of the epidermic tissue and of those organs that are susceptible to
cancer, such as the thyroid gland, breasts and testicles. In addition to examining the operation of the
various organs and of one's metabolism, including individual hormone levels, laboratory tests check for
the presence of viral infections and cancer cells. Particularly important are gynecological testing for
women and urology examinations for men.
This typeof screening takes approximately one hour and a half to complete and is followed by an
explanation of the results.
Sziget Comfort Plus screening:
For clients over thirty years of age or those with metabolic disorders, such as high blood sugar or fat
levls, we recommend ECG and blood pressure analysis(ergometry). This type of screenig adds 40
minutes to the length of the basics (Sziget Comfort) screening.
V.I.P. screening:
If even the mildest gastric or intestinal trouble is prolonged or recurs, or if blood is present in the feces, the stomach and colon must be examined. V.I.P screening begins on a Friday afternoon with primary
examinations followed by preparation for the examination of the stomach and colon, to be carried out
the following morning. It is advisible, therefore, that clients remain in the institute overnight.